We offer an attentive analysis of the needs of our clients as well as offering and implementing individual high-quality solutions. These are the foundation principles uniting the team at REO Investment. Based on these we suggest and realise the IT goals of our clients. We aim to meet the highest levels of service. We want to help companies and organisations achieve the best results and realise their goals.

Competitive payment terms and conditions

We believe partnerships are investments for long-term mutual achievements and therefore we offer our clients a flexible payment policy:

• After signing contract, we can discuss a trade credit allowing delayed payments.

• We can tailor the amount of credit, the loan period and the postponed payment conditions individually.

• We can ensure favourable postponed payment conditions or the possibility of partial payment without using credit institutions or making extra charges for large contracts.

Warranties for goods and services

The warranty conditions for our goods and services are designed to ensure that the needs of our clients are treated most carefully. We provide beneficial warranty conditions, and in case of technical equipment breakdown, we will ensure our clients have alternative equipment during the time of repair for no additional charge. We guarantee the confidentiality of any data stored in the IT equipment maintained by us.




The steps for buying through „┼¬kio Bankas Leasing" are simple - after deciding what goods and services you are interested in, our agent will prepare a leasing contract. After signing, you will immediately get the goods or be provided with the services. After meeting your obligations (paying all monthly deposits) you can claim the item as your property.




      Lenovo platinum