About us

A team of professionals founded REO Investment in 2009, each of them with an extensive prior experience in various IT related areas. The profesionals were drawn together with a collective goal of applying their knowledge to realise IT solutions and to surpass the expectations of their clients. Clients were impressed by the service they received and long-term partnerships were formed. The variety of services offered by REO Investment expanded, the number of clients served grew and in 2011 REO technical centre was established. 


The company introduced a progressive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing) in the last few years and is currently implememting the ISO 9001 quality management system, later - ISO 20000-1:2011 service management system.

The high credit solvency of REO Investment was evaluated by a business risk assessment company Creditinfo.


Positive results have encouraged us to expand our business-sector oriented specialised IT solution services. We are aiming for growth and development.




      Lenovo platinum